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Closed Circuit Rebreather rEvo

revo pair

  • Fully closed circuit rebreather
  • Backmounted counterlungs
  • Unique dual scrubber system for improved sorb use and increased safety
  • Ergonomic adjustable split backplate for better fit
  • Minimal need for weight: unit is negative in-water (stainles steel version)
  • Manual/hybrid/electronic operation (mCCR, hCCR, eCCR)
  • Available in standard and mini version
  • Wide choice of PP02 monitors heads-up displays, computers, controllers: Revodream, Shearwater Pursuit display/computer/controller...
  • manual addition of oxygen and diluent, automatic diluent valce
  • max recommended depth: 80m (mCCR, hCCR mode), 100m (eCCR mode)
  • Fully CE complient (CE type approval end 2009)




  • Radial scrubber 4kg
  • Titanium Housing
  • Set-point controller with trimix deco
  • Hybrid operation mode
  • Off-board gas addition

Work of Breathing (WOB):

  • tested CE specs: 75 l/min RMV, 40m depth, 4C
  • WOB 2.00 J/l horisontal position
  • 2.17 J/l vertical position
  • WOB < 1.5 J/l with optional radial scrubber and cooper houses

Scrubber performance:

  • Longest duration available on the market
  • tested CE specs: 1.6 l/min C02 STPD, 40m depth
  • >180 min (4C) > 240min (15C) standard scrubber, horizontal
  • >300 min (4C) >400min (15C) optional radial scrubber

revo 1


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